Wednesday, 29 August 2007


I managed to find a really great tattoo artist in Glastonbury (UK), guy’s name’s Flint, company’s Inkside Out.

The design I wanted done was so intricate that I had to totally trust the person doing the tattoo based on a design I’ve been working on for many years (since about 1995 a concept in my head and 2003 started to form on paper).

I had it done on my left arm and the design is based on what is currently my image on here. It was very detailed and took 2 1/2 hours, I nearly passed out after 10 mins, so he stopped and ordered me to drink water and eat chocolate (which I didn’t mind doing), I then stopped having cold sweats, felt much better as my body had adjusted to the adrenalin and endorphine levels in my body (much more when you’re not used to pain in this variety).

I’m still on a high from having it done 3 days later.

Get one, you’ll feel better when you’ve proven you can, but make sure you’ve thought about it…

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