Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Venice and all it's beauty

When I got married last August, we went on honeymoon to Venice - such a beautiful place, so I thought I'd share some items with you from this gorgeous area:

Friday, 23 March 2007

Missing Gift - Artwork

T.L. Lange - Missing Gift 42.00 x 42.00

T.L. Lange - Missing Gift 42.00 x 42.00

This is a museum quality fine-art print rendition of the T.L. Lange piece Missing Gift.

Apple Mac Powerbook G4

I'm a big fan on Mac as that is how I do all my design work.

This is where I got my Apple Mac G4 Powerbook:

Click Here for Apple Laptops from MacWarehouse

Their prices are great! The service quality is fantastic!



Just Found a Great Website!

Just found this amazing website - along the same Easter theme as before, but actually with chocolate!

Click here to visit Hotel Chocolat

I'm a girl, I have needs, and I'm fully aware this goes against my previous post, but that was aimed at the youth, I feel chocolate in moderation is good for you.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Today's Ramblings

My Favourite Web Links can be found here, at 'My Web 2.0', a Yahoo service like delicious.

I would also like to mention someone else's blog, as he has helped me immensely with mine: "Blogging Starter Checklist"

Right, now that's some versions of thanks done, I can ask if you like the image I have designed to the left. Bit of a gothic pirate in Venice type theme. I designed the character many years ago, and the background photo is from only last August!

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I decided to stop show-casing just one item and thought I'd show you several designs. I really do enjoy having peoples opinions on my art, no matter how critical. Thanks

Monday, 19 March 2007

I thought this was really cute and appropriate for a child's present for Easter instead of chocolate (we don't want lots of obese children running about this world and dying young from food disorders etc.), therefore items like this are great for this time of year and Christmas. People seem to find it easier to buy their children chocolate or sweets instead of something more inventive.

I found it at this: CafePress location

The shop belongs to Moondial (Christmas Manga).

There are some other great designs as gifts in there. Ideal for Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Hannukah (I think that's how you spell it, please correct me if I'm wrong) etc.

Hopefully I should be blogging about some brilliant sites where you can get some great alternatives for people as gifts for any occasion.

**Watch this Blog**

Manga / Anime / Animé / Chibi

Whatever you want to call the Japanese cartoon arts, I've found I really love designing what I class as 'Chibi', this is a form of art which puts a child-like lilt on a design, using big eyes and (if you understand the art of drawing people in perpective) they're usually about 3-heads high.

A prime example is the following design:

This design was originally quite complex when I had it down on paper, then simplified by using Adobe Photoshop on an Apple Mac G4 Powerbook.

Anyway, the long and short of it all is that I love to design.

Smoke on the Water

"Smoke on the Water" is one of my favourite tunes, so I thought it was appropriate when I created this very unique item for my Zazzle account, where you can buy this image on a variety of items.

I'm finding the Zazzle site a brilliant place to make some extra income, even though it's in America and I'm in the UK, I'm still finding it a successful place for my design work and I get some brilliant feedback.

Moondial's Madness

This is my own effigy of myself. Comments appreciated.

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