Monday, 30 April 2007

For those of us who are very much paranoid, I found this a useful device to eliviate concerns about two-way mirrors... (follow the link)
Display your geekiness:

ThinkGeek T-Shirts will make you cool!

Which reminds me... I've recently put my Apple Mac in for repair at a new shop in Southborough, Kent, UK called Geekos, they're really nice in there and have all the games for the old NES (Original Nintendo for those of us who may not be complete geeks), they have Sinclair / Spectrum games and he gave me some great advice about both obtaining obscure Sinclair games and how to keep NES cartridges working.
Well, it's that time in America where mum's are important:

970,000 Ways to Say Mom. Shop

Friday, 27 April 2007

Don't you just love stuff with relevant slogans on as to how you're feeling? Check these Summer Slogans out!

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

Zazzle Design from Moondial's Madness
I know I've showcased this one before, but I really do like it and this one is a different style to the last one.

It says:
I put the 'Sexy' in Dyslexia.

Image links through to purchase.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

If you're a manga or anime (animé) fan, you'll love this:

make custom gifts at Zazzle
Always a fun task, creating rocking artwork!

create & buy custom products at Zazzle
I love collecting mugs, and I was hoping you do too.

Feel free to peruse these fantastic and popular mugs...

make custom gifts at Zazzle
I'm back on the WikiHow thing again:
Do a magic trick with iPod headphones
It's actually a very cool trick to know, I remember my father doing a similar one with string, always one for practical jokes! :)

On a more serious note, the How to Live with an Elderly Person WikiHow is very useful, especially if you were to become a carer of any kind. It also applies to if you live or work with a disabled person.

Friday, 20 April 2007

I loved this design it's very much unique...
For those about to Rock, we salute you!

I'm in this video - it's great! It's all about Toxic Rock and the Doc of Rock, doing what they does best!

Also, if you live in Tunbridge Wells, you may recognise this man...

Calling all entrepreneurs and tidy and organised people, check out this website for some great offers on advertising and other useful day-to-day items.

I swear by them as they are cheaper than most companies I have come across.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

There's a 50% Chance That You Need Therapy

If you think you need therapy, you probably do. But there's a good chance you don't.
Like everyone else, you have your fair share of problems. And unlike most people, you're fairly good at solving them yourself.
I'd like some feedback / suggestions on the following site:
Is it worth keeping?
Would you buy from it?
What would you buy from it?

Many thanks for any feedback in advance...
Calling all people with a knowledge of Livery Companies of London, UK - please help me out - I'm desperately seeking people who know about these things. My husband is a member of Grocers Hall.

Help-y Link

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Well, it links anyway - it's meant to be a gif file all animated and stuff and it's actually not doing what it should be doing... :((

Friday, 13 April 2007

Does anyone know what this song is?

We are desperate to find out - I have all my friends looking for it.

We think it's called 'Hungry for Life', but don't know who the Artist(s) is/are.

We believe it's from the Crow 2. Can anyone verify this?

Please help us!
I thought this was a good idea...

It enables people to get onto the property market. I know I've been spending far too much time on the WikiHow site, but there is some great stuff on there.

The Original Lobster Gram

The Original Lobster Gram

"A Lobster Gram lobster dinner is the perfect gift for the lobster purist! Sweet, succulent live Maine lobsters will tantalize their tastebuds, while the accessories make enjoying this classic feast a snap. The Lobster Gram dinner is our namesake package, and is still one of our top-sellers after all these years.

The Original Lobster Gram dinner for 2 includes:

  • Two 1 lb. Live Maine Lobsters
  • Two Shell Crackers and Seafood Forks
  • Two Lobster Gram Bibs and Moist Towelettes
  • Fresh whole lemon and butter
  • Lobster Gram Cooking Manual"

  • Wednesday, 11 April 2007

    I love WikiHow, here are some zany examples of how WikiHow can change your life:

    How to Frame Images from Calendars, this is great fun if you have a calendar you don't want to throw away, as is making it into a scrap book.

    How to Make a Sketch Book, great if you're an Artist like myself - something tailored to your needs.

    How to Make a Panography, did you ever wish you could take a photo of the skyline and make it look good, that is what Panography's all about.

    Make a Flip-Book, the kind that animates when you flip the pages fast. I used to love doing this as a child.

    Make a Popsicle Stick Photo Frame, (popsicle sticks in the UK are also known as ice lolly sticks), always great fun for a gift for a family member from a child.

    Make an Old Shirt into a New Pillow or Cushion, great & simple if you're trying to save money. Amazing what you can re-use from your household, unfortunately if you're like me, you end up hoarding lots of things, just for the possibility of a project like this and the others that I have been mentioning.

    How to Make Ice-Cream from Snow (not the yellow kind).

    Do you ever want to hide things from people? How about hiding things in a book?

    How to Keep a Book Journal, diarise everything about a book you have read and all the many ways to use this information.

    If you're a keen scrap-booker, How to Select the Proper Scrapbook Paper, you will find immensley useful along with How to Choose the Right Adhesive to Use in Your Scrapbook.

    Do you see yourself as a budding artist? How about Leanring to Draw Real Stuff?

    Great poetry website called Post Poems, of which a friend of mine has had items published here and my poetry is here.

    Hope you enjoy reading through some poetry. I've really enjoyed using the site, it's helped me through some trouble and obviously helps other people through their troubles too.

    Tuesday, 10 April 2007

    I love ties, I can't help it's the punk in me, so here are some random designs for you:

    create & buy custom products at Zazzle
    If you go to this wand site, you should find (if you search for 'Geraldine' on that page) a wand that was made just for me. It's about 3/4 of the way down the page.

    I love it dearly. Robert & Tanya did a very good job and well commissioned.

    Thursday, 5 April 2007

    Check out this site. It's a great way for people to get feedback from their designs. Personally most of them are very American, and me being British, make it some of them hard to understand. But as I say, it's always nice to have some form of feedback.

    All the people registered with that site have cafepress accounts, mine is here.

    Peace & Hugs

    P.S. Here's a load of popular links in alphabetical order:

    Adult Humor; Aids; Air Force; Animals; Aniti-Bush; Army; Art; Arts and Crafts; Audio; Automotive; Baby Gifts; Black History; Bunny; Camp Cupcake; Cancer Survivor; Cats; Chinese New Year; Clinton; Comics; Conservative; Country; Cult Movies; Dad; Daisy Duke; Data; Dean; Delay; Democrat; Dogs; Downing Street Memo; Duke; Entertainment; Fantasy; Father's Day; Firefly - Serenity; Food; Fourth of July; Games; Geeks; Guiliani; GLBT; Hillary Clinton; Hitchhikers Guide; Hobbies; Humour; Humor; Home and Garden; Hoodies; Horoscope; Horse; Humor; Hurricanes; Insects; iPod; Jeb; Jesus; Karl Rove; Katie; Kerry; Kwanzaa; Lesbian; Liberal; Linux; Local Politics; Locations; Marines; McCain; Michael Jackson; Military; Mother's Day; Music; Nader; Navy; Ninja; NonProfit; Not Afraid; Obama; Occupations; Outdoors; Peace; Pets; Pirate; Poker; Politics; Pope; Pro-Bush; ProChoice; ProLife; Religion; Relious Satire; Republican; Rice; Science Fiction; Shoes; Solstice; Sorry; Sports; St Patricks Day; Tom; Unique Gifts; Urban Chic; Moondial

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