Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Something XBox Shaped...

I'm loving the ability to now play online! I know I'm a bit slow in joining the rest of the world.
I found it a shame that you can't take your offline gamer-tag & gamer points across. They've really got to work some of this rubbish out of the system...

~Blessings to all~

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Strange Happenings...

I had a pair of earrings with a cartoon wolf on each. They're those fake expander types & the same picture as on the front is on the screw on bit at the back. Now I've not found earrings with this red background cartoon ever - one of those handmade-&-sold-on-ebay type deals.

I lost the back of both of these earrings within weeks of each other at my flat about 5-6 months ago (remember, these are a distinctive design), and they both fell around the same area of the flat.

I'm going through some files at work and I see something that I thought was a ladybird between the newly placed filing cabinets. It's the right season for seeing the odd ladybird gone astray and appearing indoors, so I go to pick it up.

As I get closer, I notice it's actually the back of on of these confounded earrings.

It's up to you how you read this odd string of events, but I can also say, I'm wearing a suit I only acquired this weekend & shoes that I wear daily, so how would it have traveled in to work with me, I walk 20 mins each weekday, that's a lot of jostling over 5-6 months.

As I've been writing I've come to a realisation that although I've recently washed the blouse I'm wearing, I guess it may have caught somehow on it. I just can't tell how, it's a wrap top...


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