Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Why's the Rum Always Gone...?

It's a good question, but why is the rum gone? Why is the rum always gone? Why can't it be half the rum or something like that anyways? Or why not vodka? Vodka's nice n tasteless or maybe gin, or just the bitter lemon, or coke?

Anyway, that was enough ranting, I really liked all 3 Pirates of the Caribbean films - I'm very impressed with the way each of them has turned out.

I think that's enough for today

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Hot Chick #1 said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE the gif!!

I also completely agree with you on liking all 3 Pirate movies (Davy Jones is so overlooked in the hotness category) and about the rum..why IS it gone?!?!

Because you get careless with it. I always try to make sure I have enough to last.

Until you share it with your SO who can't handle it and the last few days' worth of rum slips through your fingers and your stuck with no drink for 5 days, carless, bored as HELL and coommenting on blogs..


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