Friday, 22 June 2007

She's Gone...

Blessed be to my Great Aunt: Mabs Stella Caunt

Hello all,

Having now been to the funeral, I managed to find myself feeling much worse than I expected as I had prepared myself to be there for everyone else and to be strong.

I broke down in the church (she was a Christian and a chior lady), I fell apart at her graveside and I find myself swallowing down the tears even as I'm typing this ~ yet I have tried to be strong for myself and everyone else around me throughout this period.

Although very nice to see the family, everywhere I looked I was expecting to hear her singing or popping her head around the door asking if we wanted a cup of tea.

There are a couple of people who I wanted to thank and I think managed to yesterday, one being my mum & dad for enabling me to get to Norfolk in one piece and holding my hand as I sobbed in the church & cemetery, another being Victoria, my cousin, for her concern for my welfare, she's grown to be a beautiful and mature woman, and lastly my Uncle Tony (the husband of the deceased) and my Grandma, for enabling me to feel safe and secure.

I'm at work and really can't concentrate on anything complicated and that's all I've had all day.

~I still can't believe she's gone~

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