Thursday, 5 April 2007

Check out this site. It's a great way for people to get feedback from their designs. Personally most of them are very American, and me being British, make it some of them hard to understand. But as I say, it's always nice to have some form of feedback.

All the people registered with that site have cafepress accounts, mine is here.

Peace & Hugs

P.S. Here's a load of popular links in alphabetical order:

Adult Humor; Aids; Air Force; Animals; Aniti-Bush; Army; Art; Arts and Crafts; Audio; Automotive; Baby Gifts; Black History; Bunny; Camp Cupcake; Cancer Survivor; Cats; Chinese New Year; Clinton; Comics; Conservative; Country; Cult Movies; Dad; Daisy Duke; Data; Dean; Delay; Democrat; Dogs; Downing Street Memo; Duke; Entertainment; Fantasy; Father's Day; Firefly - Serenity; Food; Fourth of July; Games; Geeks; Guiliani; GLBT; Hillary Clinton; Hitchhikers Guide; Hobbies; Humour; Humor; Home and Garden; Hoodies; Horoscope; Horse; Humor; Hurricanes; Insects; iPod; Jeb; Jesus; Karl Rove; Katie; Kerry; Kwanzaa; Lesbian; Liberal; Linux; Local Politics; Locations; Marines; McCain; Michael Jackson; Military; Mother's Day; Music; Nader; Navy; Ninja; NonProfit; Not Afraid; Obama; Occupations; Outdoors; Peace; Pets; Pirate; Poker; Politics; Pope; Pro-Bush; ProChoice; ProLife; Religion; Relious Satire; Republican; Rice; Science Fiction; Shoes; Solstice; Sorry; Sports; St Patricks Day; Tom; Unique Gifts; Urban Chic; Moondial

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